February's Big Match Schedule in the Premier League

February is usually the moment to determine the success or failure of a team's journey in one competition. Because usually this month, the teams will be faced with a tight schedule. 

Especially for top teams, they will restart their European competition campaign, be it the Champions League or the Europa League. The above also applies to the competition to become the 2020/2021 Premier League champion . 

February will be very crucial, especially for Manchester City, who are currently leading the 2020/2021 Premier League standings.

Yes, after having slumped at the start of the season and now creeping up, during the month of February, almost all matches that Raheem Sterling and his friends played were big matches. Because almost every week they have to meet the top teams. 

Starting against the defending champion, Liverpool on February 7. Then Pep Guardiola's team will also meet Tottenham Hotspur on February 14. 

The road is getting steeper in week 25 because they have to fight a team that is showing an increasing performance graph, Arsenal, February 21. 

The series of big matches above will be like two sides of the coin for Manchester City . One side they have a chance to stay away from the main rivals in the standings. 

On the other hand, if the team experiences a series of negative results, it is not impossible that the team's achievements will return to freefall like the beginning of the season. 

Come on, scroll down to find out more, the full schedule for the big match that will take place in February at the 2020/2021 English League. 

Week 22

February 5 - Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea

Week 23

February 7 - Liverpool vs Manchester City

Week 24

February 14 - Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur

Week 25

February 21 - Arsenal v Manchester City

Week 26

February 28 - Chelsea vs Manchester United