Manchester Derby Nostalgia: The Rise of Mario Balotelli's Iconic 'Why Always Me?' Celebration

Mario Balotelli's Iconic 'Why Always Me" Celebration

The Manchester Derby will be presented again this weekend. Now, it's Manchester City's turn to host Manchester United. Historically, there have been some of the most iconic celebrations in the Manchester derby, such as Mario Balotelli's.

As a meeting of two big teams in one city, the Manchester derby has high appeal. Not surprisingly, several unforgettable moments were presented at the match.

One of the most notable was when the Citizens' striker, Mario Balotelli, showed off a shirt that read Why Always Me?

The incident began when Manchester City traveled to Manchester United headquarters in the 2011-2012 Premier League continued to match. At that time Man City who were at the top of the standings were only two points ahead of their neighbours.

Roberto Mancini, who became Man City's tactician, played Balotelli from the early minutes. The striker, who was signed from Inter Milan a season earlier, was accompanied by Sergio Aguero.

Balotelli did his job well. He opened Man City's lead in the 22nd minute. Getting a pass from James Milner, Balotelli fired a low shot that David de Gea failed to reach.

In celebration, Balotelli looked cold. He only partially opened his jersey to show a T-shirt that read Why Alaways Me?

The public also wondered about the striker's intentions. Moreover, Balotelli is known as a player who is full of controversy. Balotelli is accused of having a bad relationship with teammates, frequent partying, and almost burning down his house due to a fireworks incident.

Apparently, Why Always Me? is a response from the Italian striker to the conditions that occur. Balotelli felt that he had received unwarranted accusations.

Mario Balotelli's Iconic 'Why Always Me" Celebration

"He asked me to print his undershirt for the game against Man United. I said he shouldn't print controversial or offensive words to Man United supporters," said Man City kitman Les Chappy Chapman, who was asked by Balotelli to prepare the action.

"He thought for a few minutes and came up with one or two ideas. I said no because I didn't think it was appropriate."

"Then he came up with the idea Why Always Me? When he said it, I immediately realized it was the right slogan," Chappy explains.

Balotelli also spoke up about the celebration. In an interview with Oasis band personnel, Noel Callagher, Balotelli expressed the intention behind Why Always Me?

"It's a message to all the people who demonize me and say bad things about me. They don't know me, so I just ask why me all the time," said the striker, who now plays for Adana Demirspor.

Balotelli's action is increasingly remembered today because in that match Manchester City won a landslide 6-1 victory. In fact, Balotelli scored his second goal in the 60th minute. Even sweeter, at the end of the season Man City won despite having the same number of points as the Red Devils.

Until now, Mario Balotelli's Why Always Me? action has become one of the most iconic celebrations in the Manchester Derby. It is interesting to wait for the next stories of the rivalry between the Blue and the Red from the city of Manchester.
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